NFL Draft Nears

NFL Draft Nears The End Of Round One With A Few Surprises

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Brady Quinn came into today’s NFL draft with many different views on where he would begin his career. Many thought that possibly the Browns would take him with their first round pick. There ended up being some truth to that theory as the Browns did take Quinn in the first round, however, he was not their first pick, one that was used on Joe Thomas. Cleveland used a trade to pick Quinn with the #22 pick.

In other first round news it was surprising to see the Dolphins, who have been in dire need of a franchise quarterback since the retirement of Dan Marino, pass on quinn with their #9 pick, and taking Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., a move that was not popular among Dolphin fans.

The Jets traded up to the #14 spot to take cornerback Darelle Revis out of Pittsburgh. And speaking of the city of Pittsburgh, the Steelers took Florida State linebacker Lawrence Timmons with the #15 pick. That move was made to replace Joey Porter, who signed with Miami, but it also signals that new coach Mike Timlin will stay with the 3-4 defense that has made the Steelers so successful in the past.

An interesting pick occurred at #10, where the Texans used their pick on 19 year old Amobi Okoye out f Louisville.

Green Bay, which was in desperate need of playmakers for Brett Favre to deliver the ball to, chose to pass up the top wide receivers, and went with defensive tackle Justin Harrell.

Two Miami Hurricanes went back to back toward the end of the first round with Safety Brandon Merriweather going to New England at 24 and outside linebacker Jon Beason being chosen at 25 by Carolina.

Mayweather Holds Off

Mayweather Holds Off De La Hoya in Split Decision

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This was the fight that was supposed to bring boxing back from the verge of non-existance, two highly heralded fighters, that spent months hyping the battle, in a twelve round knock out drag out fight, but in the end, it was patience that turned out to be victorious.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. moved up in weight class to challenge perhaps the best fighter of our generation in Oscar De La Hoya, and although Mayweather had never fought at that weight, he proved too much for the older champion, as he won a split decision 115-113, 116-112, and 115-113 over De La Hoya.

The elder De La Hoya came out energized and seemed to want to give the paying public what they wanted, a slugfest. But Mayweather would have no part of it, as he used patience, and fighting technique to overcome his lack of power.

Round after round at the beginning of the fight, De La Hoya would corner Mayweather and release a flurry of punches that excited the pro De La Hoya crowd. But Mayweather stood his ground, and with many of De La Hoya’s punches not landing, Mayweather would follow with well timed connecting punches of his own.

In the end, Mayweather stayed with his strategy and wore down the older De La Hoya, winning rounds 9-12 to capture the title.

The decision was not without controversy, as many of the ringside fans voiced their displeasure with the outcome by unleashing a flurry of their own, of boos. After the fight, Mayweather stood strong on his belief that he would retire, while De La Hoya said he would have to review the fight before making a decision on his future. With no other draws, and boxing at it’s lowest in decades, it would not be out of the realm of reality to believe there could be a rematch.

Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball Has A New Home Run King in Barry Bonds

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Whether fans across the country support Barry Bonds or loathe him, one thing is certain, Bonds is the new home run king in major league baseball, and will remain that way until Alex Rodriguez, or another player, passes him.

Bonds had a hot bat all night on Tuesday against the Washington Nationals as he entered his third at bat 2-2 already on the game. Seven pitches into his third at bat, Bonds made history by sending a 3-2 pitch over the right center field wall, the deepest part of the ballpark.

If there’s one thing Bonds should be commended for amid all of the controversy that surrounds him, its the fact that he fought through all of the criticism and claimed his spot among the legends of the game of baseball.

Whether fans believe Bonds took steroids or not, the facts are that even had he not reached this momentous milestone, he still has, and had, one of the best swings in major league history.

Bonds has more than a handful of gold glove awards to go along with his home run records and MVP’s. He now holds the home run record for both a single season, and a career.

There is no doubting that Bonds has created the bed that he will eventually sleep in, but for this one night, whether met with criticism or not, Bonds is the king of the baseball world, and has broken one of the most storied records in all of sports.

And for that, true baseball fans must applaud for an evening, before moving on to their ridiculing ways.

Quarterback Russell

LSU Quarterback Russell Goes First In NFL Draft

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It was widely talked about for months on end as to what Raiders owner Al Davis would do with his #1 pick in the draft. Some said he would take Brady Quinn, others thought maybe receiver Calvin Johnson, but in the end, Davis and the Raiders went with someone who could deliver the ball to Randy Moss, quarterback Jamarcus Russell.

Russell is coming off a season in which he was superb as the Tigers quarterback and led them to a successful season. Russell’s reaction to being picked first was “I kind of had faith in it. Everybody had been talking about it for a while, it’s a dream come true. Growing up as a kid playing every sport in life and always seeing guys on the professional level, and here i am today.”

The #2 pick in the draft belonged to the Detroit Lions and although they were offered many trades, the Lions held onto the pick and drafted perhaps the most highly touted athlete in the draft, Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas went #3 to the Cleveland Browns, somewhat of a surprise, since many draft experts had the Browns taking Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.

The first defensive player in the draft went at the #4 spot to the Tampa Bay bucs. they chose Clemson end Gaines Adams.

The last pick of the top five went to Arizona and they picked Penn State tackle Levi Brown, a pick directly related to the loss of Leonard Davis.

Baseball Represents

Little League Baseball Represents What Bonds Used To Be

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Barry Bonds did indeed finally pass Hank Aaron Tuesday night for the home run record, meaning no major league ballplayer has ever hit as many home runs as Bonds, but the bigger story of our national pastime is taking place on little league diamonds across the nation.

Little League baseball is where it all began for almost every player that currently play in the major leagues. No matter what race or religion, or what country a player hails from, chances are, when they were wide eyed little boys, they were on a little league baseball team.

That is what makes the months of July and August so appealing to fans everywhere, regardless of age. See in these two months, little league baseball holds tournaments all over the world. It starts with a teams local area, where the best players are picked from competing teams and placed together to form one all star team.

Those teams then battle their way out of local tournaments into state tournaments, and eventually regional tournaments, looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which is more affectionately known as the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Where the United States stands in all these tournaments is the regional tournaments, and that is where ESPN gets involved. The regional tourney finals are televised on ESPN and the winners get the glory of heading off and chasing their dreams in Williamsport. Once there, all games will be shown on ESPN and ABC.

For anyone wanting to take a break from the controversy that is Barry Bonds, or their stressful life in general, feel free to cozy up to the television and watch these little leaguers leave their hearts on the field for every pitch of every game.

Take time to enjoy the game that you love, the way its supposed to be played, and enjoy the youthful exuberance of these 11 and 12 year olds as they fight for something they do not even know the importance of.

Watch these games and remember back to all the hopes and dreams you had when you were on that baseball diamond at that age. Whether those dreams ever materialized only you will know.

Surely, somewhere, Barry Bonds will find time to watch one of these games in the privacy of his own home, and as he recalls all the youthful dreams he possessed, he might just begin to wonder where it all went wrong.

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Betting Odds and Post Positions Released

Published on May 3, 2007 by Tom Jones

Kentucky Derby 2007 No horse since Apollo in 1882 has won the Kentucky Derby without the benefit of a race by age 2, so there some long shot odds that this year’s opening favorite will face when Curlin takes to the race track.

Curlin came out as a 7-2 favorite, followed by Street Sense at 4-1. Louisianna Derby winner Circular Quay, and Wood Memorial winner Nobiz Like Shobiz both are at 8-1.

Leading the field as far as the trainers go is Todd Pletcher, the countries top trainer the past few years. He has five horses sattled in the race: Circular Quay, Scat Daddy, Cowtown Cat, Any Given Saturday, and Sam P.

The field is full for Saturday’s race as 20 horses, the maximum allowed, are entered. But more surprising than who is here, is who is not. The Derby this year is without some of the biggest trainers in the industry, as both D. Wayne Lucas and Bob Baffert do not have horses running on Saturday.

The post positions and opening odds for the 133rd Kentuck Derby horse race are as follows…

  1. Sedgefield (50-1)
  2. Curlin (7-2)
  3. Zanjero (930-1)
  4. Storm in May (30-1)
  5. Imawildandcrazyguy (50-1)
  6. Cowtown Cat (20-1)
  7. Street Sense (4-1)
  8. Hard Spun (15-1)
  9. Liquidity (30-1)
  10. Teuflesburg (30-1)
  11. Bwana Bull (50-1)
  12. Nobiz Like Showbiz (8-1)
  13. Sam P.(20-1)
  14. Scat Daddy (10-1)
  15. Tiago (15-1)
  16. Circular Quay (8-1)
  17. Stormello (30-1)
  18. Any Given Saturday (12-1)
  19. Dominican (20-1)
  20. Great Hunter (15-1)

Post time for the Kentucky Derby on Saturday is set for 6:04 P.M. and will run as always at Churchill Downs.